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Goddess Process is...

Goddess Process facilitates women finding their joy, purpose, and power inside themselves while accessing their truth through self-discovery, femininity, and community. Goal Setting, Exploration and expansion, committed action.  Realigning when we don't reach and celebrating when we achieve.  Goddess Process is connecting our global tribe to live our hearts desires.

We host online classes, webinars and monthly goal “check ins”/ accountability.  


GOAL - What you declared.

BREAKDOWN - What got in the way?

BREAKTHROUGH - Realign with our values!

UPDATED GOAL - Declare for the next month.

Tactical and spiritual tools to live your heart's desire! 



Midlife crisis awakening


How are your 2020 goals unfolding?

Or did you avoid looking at what you truly want to avoid disappointment?

Are you seeking a new job? A new relationship?

Or are you up to huge things this year and would benefit from a safe space to try ideas and expand?

Then Goddess Tribe is FOR YOU!

Celebrate what you have created
Review what got in the way
Realign and declare your new goal. From this call we will have an opportunity for accountability.

Would that serve you?


"My declaration was around wealth and partnerships. I set out to launch my 7 day website offering. I was struggling in my business doing everything alone. What I got out of goddess process, without even realizing it, I published my sales funnel on the last day of Goddess Process with my new business partner. I was able to speak my needs to a past client and formed a partnership for my business. I spoke into the world my desire and was able to find my solution right under my nose. I didn’t even have to look far once I got clarity."

Tatiana El Khouri
Entrepreneur/ Non Profit Founder

"Goddess Process is magical. Simply by declaring what I wanted, I was surprised at my results. One thing I declared was to lose weight but what I created was so much more than that. I got in touch with how I wanted to feel and why that was important to me. I was able to get in touch with my beauty, wholeness and worth, to feel comfortable in my feminine. This ended having little to do with the scale...even though that dropped too. Amber J creates a space of sisterhood, love, partnership and fun. I made discoveries in all areas of my life and started to see where I can allow abundance, and accept support! Amber J practices what she preaches. She's the real deal."

Lily Marks
Energy Healer

"The Goddess Process brought focus into all areas of my life, but the area I experienced the most growth in is my relationships. I declared being open for a romantic partner and put my love wish list out to the universe and within 24 hours started dating. I have felt so much more open to receive, and have had a surge of confidence, trust, and the ability to be vulnerable! What I got out of Goddess Process is a big new client, increased financial abundance, confidence in dating, and more connection to my community! I lost unexpected weight and look and feel fabulous and sexy... a totally unexpected result of The Goddess Process!! The Goddess Process brought focus and productivity into my life in a nurturing, communal, divine feminine way. The perfect balance of getting shit done and feeling held!"

Ammy Kordeck
Abstract Painter

"Thank you for inspiring women like me to just show up! Your example of beauty and love is crazy good! no...crazy great! I love what you said about your life: "I thought I needed to be a man to be successful..." I struggle with that and you have blazed a new path to consider."

Anny Lieberman


I was living in Los Angeles making good money and surrounded by great friends, but something was missing. I didn't realize the basic life skills I relied on were rooted in masculine energy. I had created a need to project an aura of strength and stability, but inside I felt lonely and isolated making it difficult to trust or lean on others. Not being able to relax, release or even cry left me feeling like a pressure cooker ready to pop. 


I learned the power of asking for support and accepted that I didn't have it all figured out. Through this emotional intelligence journey, I found the courage to accept my vulnerability and the power we women possess through our unique feminine energy. 


Are you having the same experience of separation and loneliness? Are you tired of trying to hold it all together? Goddess Process is here to teach women how to tap into their power and the emotional consciousness of the planet. Goddess Process will reveal a pathway to success and happiness unique to the feminine experience embracing community, creativity, and gratitude.

I'm so happy you are here and I welcome you to join us on this journey.

-Amber J.


The results of the Goddess Process may be not typical for everyone and they are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or achieve similar results. Each person’s success and results depend on many factors, including dedication, desire and motivation. You accept the risk of not achieving any results (or less than desirable results) from opting in. This website does not provide any professional financial, legal, medical, psychological services or advice. None of the content cures or treats any medical condition. You are responsible for your own physical, mental, emotional well-being, decisions, choices, actions and results.




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