Fire up your natural mystical divine feminine powers.

Wild Woman - 3 Day Challenge

       Be challenged to get out of your comfort zone to live a life of passion, creativity and abundance.

April 5th, 6th, 7th, 2022 - 10am PT
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In our Wild Woman 3-Day Challenge, you have the opportunity to maximize your capacity and open up the full spectrum of untethered femine power, effectively harnessing your innate masculine and feminine nature in a way that supports what you actually want in your life. 


Through this intensive training, you will be invited to break through THE GOOD GIRL MYTH, activating your confidence and using your voice, letting go of masks that hide your true most potent gifts, thereby accelerating your manifestation of abundance from half-tank to 100% WILD POTENTIAL!


As you embrace ALL that you are, more BEING and less DOING, rooting yourself in you are ENOUGH you radiant magnet no longer seeking external validation from jobs, relationships or certifications.  You will let go of the painful experiences, beliefs, and behaviors that stifle your freedom as a WILD WOMAN with power in your body, fire in your soul, and passion in your heart. 


When you are a Wild Woman, you won't be constrained by external or internal boundaries of sensuality, expression, or the unabashed pursuit of ABUNDANCE in all its forms!

Are you done not getting paid what you are worth? 

Are you tired of earning less than your male peers?

Are you ready to ignite the fire inside of you?

Are you ready to CLAIM what you really WANT?


Then This Is Your Big Chance! 

  • Gain massive momentum towards reaching your big dream.
  • Make your way out of the Land of Lack and into the Abundance Zone
  • Get an arsenal of success strategies to achieve abundant wealth
  • Discover how everything in your life supports your desired goal


Clarify Your Direction

Identify and own your desires, pinpoint your true goals, and believe they are already yours to attract more opportunities.


Clear Blocks To Wealth

Get rid of limiting beliefs holding you back from maximizing your wealth potential by releasing subconscious financial blocks.


Develop a clear goal based on an abundance mindset, commit to a plan, and follow through with the steps you've outlined



Amber J Lawson is a master mindset coach for women who want to uplevel their joy, step into their power, and transform their life. As a powerhouse Entrepreneur and Evocator, this goddess trains Olympic athletes, frontline workers, CEOs, and moms how to live out their purpose with emotional intelligence, love, and abundance.

Amber J’s laughter-filled fiery passion evokes divine inspiration for women to journey deep into their own possibilities and destiny. She created and founded Goddess Process, a conscious company offering an experiential learning environment for women to explore their gifts with innate wisdom. It’s all part of Amber J’s vision to create peace on earth in her lifetime, and like-minded women are invited to join her community, Goddess Tribe, to receive support, accountability, and pathways to transform work, life, and love.