Are you getting in the way of the one thing you crave most?

email Oct 25, 2020

I thought “Doing it all on my own” was a good thing.  

I know how to do this and I am getting it done.  

I don't need anyones help, especially the help of a man.

AND I did!

I created great success and over time it was just “easier”, less frustrating and took less time if I just did it myself.

Can you relate?🙋‍♀️


The only thing is when I “do it by myself” I find myself alone. 


It's proven fact, as humans, we crave connection yet we cut off connection opportunities all the time!


In fact, how good does it feel when YOU feel needed? Maybe giving a neighbor ride to the polls or the grocery store? Or even holding the door open for someone? So why take that joy away from someone else!


Why am I sharing all of this? Well I am practicing what I preach and have partnered with two of my best friends in the whole wide world Shira Lazar (Peace Inside Live) and Aviva Moeller (Held) to create a mindful halloween socially distant full moon silent disco. I am not doing it alone!


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It is a great opportunity to be fully self expressed. That vibration is sooo attractive (wink wink single friends).  


Move your body, Connect with friends and Celebrate Halloween in a whole new way!


Mindful Halloween is a joint Full Moon Manifestation dance party hosted by Peace Inside Live, Goddess Process, and Held


This Saturday, October 31st, we are throwing an in-person Mindful Halloween event…on the beach…in Venice, California…


There will be sound bowls, non-sexual intimacy building, full moon intention setting ceremony, and sunset silent disco dance party. We have limited capacity (and headsets!) - tickets are available now:


Shira Lazar and Jordana Reim are founders of Peace Inside Live. Peace Inside Live brings inclusive, affordable wellness classes online during the pandemic. They offer classes on mindfulness, meditation and movement for no monthly fee, breaking down barriers to wellness.


Aviva Mohilner is the founder of HELD. HELD is a guided practice using human connection and nurturing touch to help open your heart, calm your mind, relax your body and feed your soul. HELD is a place for you to relax and ground. To leave your worries and devices at the door.  


Move your body, connect with friends, and celebrate halloween in a whole new way! Unfortunately, we are unable to welcome any walk-ups (people who don’t buy tickets ahead of time) for safety reasons.


NOTE: This event is open to men. women, friends and families. (costumes welcome, howling optional:)


Let's do this together!

Amber J