Freshman 15? More like COVID 19.

email Oct 14, 2020

I put on extra weight during the pandemic. 

Self soothing with alcohol and food doesn’t seem to be my recipe for success. Thinking back to July, there I was, adding ‘elbees’.

Meanwhile, one of my best friends, OG Goddess Zoe, it seemed like the pounds were melting off of her. She attributed it to this new program she was doing.

I was so inspired.

Now, I don’t mean inspired as in it’s 3am in the middle of the week, home shopping network is on, and I’m ordering a blender. I’m talking life-altering, behavior changing inspiration.



Real deal.

On my birthday, I decided to join Zoe on this journey. My health insurance covered all the supplies. I had no excuses not to start.

It’s been about 6 weeks now.

I’ve been quite consistent while on this journey with Zoe and all the other Goddesses out there reading these words who are working hard on their inside and out.

I wanted this post to be about how I reached that 20 pound loss mark. I wanted to share my weight loss journey w you.

Once today came, it turns out I didn’t hit the mark in time. I immediately felt low. Not enough. Lacking. I didn’t hit the number I wanted the scale to say and it began to influence the way I showed I showed up for myself, for you, and for the world.

I told my team I wasn’t sure what to write today’s email about anymore.

That’s when it came to us.

This moment right here. These moments when I, we, women, humans determine our level of happiness based on the collection of external “things” and “stuff” and numbers on the scale — this is why I started Goddess Process. 

To change the paradigm around how we discover and experience happiness and joy.

It isn’t from the external world as much as it is from the work we do on our inner worlds. This moment is a great example of what happens when I forget that. Before I know it, my external reality influences and shapes my life experience. As I judge myself for not hitting the weight, I then push that judgmental energy back out into the world.

That is not how the law of attraction works! That is the law of “push all good things away from me” works.

I don’t want to perpetuate the societal norm that we have to be perfect or that you just arrive here with no struggle. I don’t want to model the need for perfection.

It’s about the journey. It’s about trying. It’s about the mess. It’s about where you come from and what you do with that life.

As I type these final words it’s clear to me, “I me. All of me. Whatever that looks like.”

Mastering the Art of ‘The Second Act’

I know the saying is, “The Second Act”, but let’s be honest. You and I both know this must be our 5th or 6th act by now. You’d think it would get easier each time we needed to reinvent ourselves for one reason or another. If you’re here reading this, it likely means you know that’s not true.

We are rewarded with more challenges!

I am passionate about creating safe spaces for women to nurture one another as they master the art of the second act, and step into the next phase of life. Whatever that act may be, and for whatever phase of life you’re in.

Whether you’re ready to find more meaning and purpose or explore a new business concept, I hope to see you over there soon.