How I Manifested My King

Sep 17, 2021

During the Goddess Tribe new-moon event in May 2021, I initiated the group to set clear, concise, and very specific manifestations we wanted to create over the summer. 

My Women On Fire Mastermind launch aligned with this, so I asked the group to consider this question: 

“What specifically do you want to feel and experience at the end of summer?” 

In my case, I chose August 24 as the day (my bday) I wanted to experience having a soulmate I love - someone who is ready and willing to express his love unconditionally, while I in turn can express my own feelings with an open heart daring to love without guarantees or expectation.

After purging my phone of all apps to honor my intention, I spent time in deep shadow work on expanding my heart's capacity for clarity on what I'm calling into my life. 

I WROTE this vision of how I wanted to feel and the words I wanted him to speak to me then I released my request to the universe and buried the vision in my heart. 

Sometime later, I was astonished to discover that IT REALLY WORKED!

While looking at the pictures below of my birthday party, I suddenly realized... it was HIM.


It was he, my KING. It was a man who had already loved me, and whose love I returned without reservation. He was the great love I didn't know, yet the very embodiment of what I wanted. 

With our work in Tribe and commitment to my intention, at that very moment, my heart was wide open to receive his love. There he was, on the exact day that I declared our meeting.

The purpose of telling you this story is to assure you that this process really works!

Start with a call to realign what YOU are calling in, and let it work in your life too!

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