Today is a good day! Were you the only one who looked like you in the boardroom? You are NOT ALONE!

email Nov 09, 2020

I was the only woman Executive at National Lampoon 

I was the only woman in the Boardroom at ManiaTV

I was the only woman on the Executive team at Aol 

Can you relate?


“What I want young women and girls to know, You are powerful and your voice matters.  You’re gonna walk into many rooms in your life and career where you may be the only one who looks like you. But you are not alone” 

Vice President Elect Kamala Harris


Today that shifted.  We are NOT alone.  We are in the White House!  

Today I am proud 

Today marks a day of possibility for all women, for all little girls

It is the dawning of the divine feminine in all of us!


You get to dream your dream 

You get to manifest your dream into your reality and we get to do that in our community so join me next Sunday at Virtual Goddess Church and let’s plant these new seeds together, in community.


My dream is? 

My heart truly desires?


Allow this prompt to sit on your heart until we meet. I will guide you to a deeper cut in what you truly desire.


Until then we celebrate!!!


This is a good day


Amber J