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email Oct 14, 2020

I recently released a romantic relationship in my life.

I was dating this guy. I was starting to get really into him. It felt like he was really into me. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he texted me.

Now, I don't know if broke-up is the word to describe the text. Let’s say, he authentically communicated it wasn't going to work. It was going in a direction that he didn’t want to go.

(head swing)

(hair flip)


In these moments, my pattern response is to make his feelings and actions mean that something was wrong with me, and I would take it personally.

This time, when I noticed the emotional reaction coming up, I wanted to practice something different. I got curious. “Do I notice resentment in me right now? I wonder where this resentment comes from. How does my resentment towards this person bring me joy?”

Asking myself these questions brought me to a sense of knowing that my natural way of being in that moment was no longer serving me.

Reaching this moment allowed me to get curious in understanding where he was coming from, “What did he want?”

Then, I listened.

I began to learn that actively listening to him made it easier to not be triggered. It helped me understand his perspective. It also gave me the ability to see my role in the situation.

In either case, it released what is currently not meant to be in my life (in this case, my ways of being and this person).

It created space for me to harvest my intentions.

Full moons are all about revealing what no longer serves us, putting us in a place where we decide if we’re ready to let go of those things, and, in doing so, creates space for what’s next. It’s not always comfortable. It’s a lifelong process, Goddess.

On Thursday, October 1st, I invite you to lean into some of these edges alongside other women doing the same during our next Goddess Church:

If you have questions, please reach out anytime. I’m here with you.

Amber J