YOUR DREAM (Business, Relationship, Purpose)... If not you who? If not now when?

Mar 30, 2022
Each time I am called to hold the container of a 3 Day Challenge I consult our guides, angels and ancestors through tarot/oracle decks to tune into what is needed in the collective and to magnetize the woman who are in need of this medicine   and this is what they said…


Each time I am called to hold the container of a 3 Day Challenge I consult our guides, angels and ancestors through tarot/oracle decks to tune into what is needed in the collective and to magnetize the woman who are in need of this medicine 

and this is what they said…

Who is this Wealthy Wild Woman 3 Day Challenge for?

Card Pull 1 (Two cards revealed themselves) Quan Yin Oracle
The Dance Of The Butterfly Queen, a pure heart and sincere love attracts divine grace. With the grace of Kuan Yin, Butterfly Queen, that which was impossible becomes possible. Whatever has been troubling you or whatever has been inspiring you, allow grace to infuse the situation or dream so that it may unfold with divine perfection. Let go of deep feelings of unworthiness that require that you must continue to struggle with limited resources on your own. Surrender false notions that allowing others to assist you is dependency. It is interdependence to allow yourself to be assisted and to assist others. You are not handing over your power, you are allowing empowered divine relationship to make your power grow so that you can rise above and be blessed 😇 

Weave The Future Golden something good is coming your way! Kuan Yin urges you to weave your future into the present moment, to call in and draw to you the opportunities, teachings, circumstances and synchronicity‘s waiting for you that will enable your soul to live in divine destiny with greater abundance, bliss and creative fulfillment. 


What you will get from this 3 day challenge?

Card Pull 2 (Three cards revealed themselves)
What you will get from this 3 day challenge I used the tarot of Mystical Moments deck first card, is the Six Of Wands - an accomplished woman rises triumphantly on a hummingbird. She has conquered the bird by attracting him with a beautiful colorful flower, having mastered many skills she is filled with pride and a deep sense of accomplishment. 

The Knight Of Wands is a daring horsewoman who is jumping through a ring of fire. The background is dark and ominous, only the stars illuminate the scene and reflect the night‘s courage. Dangerous flames surround her but her confidence makes her unafraid of taking risks. She can be impulsive without thinking of all the dangers that lie ahead. She is full of energy and the longing for adventures. She has a confident, daredevil charisma and stands for recklessness and passion projects. 

The Female King Of Wands is a woman all dressed in red, standing in the midst of a garden. The deep color of her cape and the red rose stand for passion, strength and energy. The female King brings light and clarity with her wand a bright beam of shining stars emerges out of the wind and illuminates the sky against all obstacles and complexities. The King Of Wands will always find a solution and a way to move forward leading the people out of darkness. She stands for being a magnetizing leader, visionary, mastermind and a decisive authority. 

What you may be struggling with… 

Card Pull 3 (Two cards revealed themselves) - The Divine Feminine Oracle

Vajrayogini - the essence of all Buddha‘s. I have the power to make each moment sacred everything is material for my liberation.
No matter what has happened recently or in the past, this card reminds you that we possess the fierce wisdom that transmits any pain or suffering into deep lessons that free us and bring us more joy. She’s here to make it loud and clear that what is within us will save us. Her energy is sharp, intense and uncompromising she will not let you remain in illusion or disempowering story about who you really are. She wants you to sever all ties to your egos relationship to a person or to an event in your life and see it again with a third eye with the wisdom that can perceive the deeper spiritual path beneath the human drama. 

Marguerite Porete - the mystic of divine love. Love is divine and I am nothing except love. We can let go of what we think we need to prove or who we think we need to be in order to receive love because we remember that we are love then we can stand in the truth even through flames. Marguerite is a courageous truth-teller and the truth of her experience is that love alone can free us. The true source of love for us is in fact that we are a soul and the soul is in union with the divine. She reminds us when we forget that love is the essence of who we are and that true love is found within ❤️

What’s available to you in this community… 

Card Pull 4 - notes from the universe - Mike Dooley
What is available and attracts just knowing that behind the curtains of time and space good things are now happening for you that will soon spill into your life is enough to make good things start happening for you. 

The solution that is available through this 3 Day challenge… 

Card Pull 5 - the moon deck
The solution I offer is from the moon deck LOVE card. I love myself completely and unconditionally. Self-love is daily as we step off the roller coaster ride of trying to be something or someone that doesn’t reflect our truth. As the beauty of the lotus emerges from the mud, know that you can choose to make any challenge a steppingstone. Guiding you to be the woman you are truly capable of becoming, unlock the wisdom and welcome compassion take time to initiate your daily self-love rituals and make them a natural part of your life the remedy is within. 

There is medicine in my shadow. Light and shadow each play a vital role in our growth. The dark and deep is as valuable as light and easy when we accept that they coexist we can embrace our shadow without letting it define us. As messengers of the night owls navigate darkness with a clear vision and instinctual wisdom. As you share your light, do not shine your shadows. Cultivate compassion for every shade of your being.


Does this resonate with you? 


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During this 3 Day Wild Woman Challenge you will… 

  • Learn how to practice self-love
  • Be supported by your guide Amber J Lawson
  • Discover that everything is within your reach


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