Do you wake up in the middle of the night worried about bills?

Are you going through a break up or a job transition?

Is your body or your looks changing?


Manifest Your heart's desire in 30 days.

Goddess Process is a 30-day, Intensive of women coming together to create clarity, and manifest their heart’s desires in four areas of their life. We focus on Self-care, Prosperity, Relationships & Community. It is designed to create growth, expansion, and transformation. Goddess Process will ignite you to go out and create, manifest and realize your dreams – in 30 Days. (Or your money back!).

Goddess Process is a 30-day intensive mastermind where women choose into manifesting their heart's desire in a focused, supported, safe way.

Through the mastered process, daily guided meditation, exercises, stretches, live coaching and many more surprises.

Week One, we are diving deep into our Self-Care Rituals.

The Second Week is about Prosperity! 
Who wouldn't like more money and more abundance in their life?

The Third Week is about Relationships
Not only with your community, or your co-workers, 
or your loved ones, or your romantic partners – but most of all with yourself.

The Fourth and Final Week is about Community. 
What is your vision the world? 
What is your stand for other beings on this planet? 
What is that special talent of yours, and only yours, that’s craving to be expressed.

And then, last but not least, we get to CELEBRATE.

We as women are having this unique experience. We get to know that we're not alone.

"Goddess Process brought focus into all areas of my life, but the area I experienced the most growth in is my relationships. I declared being open for a romantic partner and put my love wish list out to the universe and within 24 hours started dating. I have felt so much more ‘open to receive,’ and have had a surge of confidence, trust, and the ability to be vulnerable! What I got out of Goddess Process is a big new client, increased financial abundance, confidence in dating, and more connection to my community! I lost unexpected weight and look and feel fabulous and sexy... a totally unexpected result of The Goddess Process!! Goddess Process brought focus and productivity into my life in a nurturing, communal, divine feminine way. The perfect balance of getting shit done and feeling held!"

Amy Kordeck
Abstract Painter

Build Your MUSCLE

It takes 30 days to create the neuro pathway that creates a habit.  Goddess Process 30 min morning zoom call IS your morning routine.  Start your day CLEAR on your intention and the tools when life gets in the way and knocks us off our path. 

Would that support you goddess?


When I was younger, I loved to sing, perform and be the center of attention so much my high school even named an award after me. After graduating from college at Mizzou I studied at Second City, the famous improv school. (Mainly because my friend Melanie Moore had a crush on Steve Carell, so we’d sneak into the free, late-night improv sets to stalk him.) We dreamed of being on life’s stage.

I moved out to LA with fire in my belly. I had been introduced to a self-development program in Chicago called The Landmark Forum (originally known as EST.) I signed up for it as soon as I
moved to LA. I knew there was something missing in my life. Intuitively, I knew there could be

You didn't come this far to only come this far.

This began my journey into the possibility that life is whatever I want it to be. Whatever I want to create. That my word (read as “integrity”) is the only thing we have in this lifetime. I proclaimed myself a producer and proceeded to create magic out of nothing. THIS is where I began declaring things I wanted in my life. I lived my dream of reimagining the National Lampoon lemmings, running several starts-ups, speaking on stages around the world and seeing this beautiful planet on other people’s dime. 

During this time, we created innovative content, told wild stories, created new technology, business models, and distribution. I love being at the cutting edge. We took a lot of arrows.  But we changed the media business and entertainment landscape forever.

When I took a position at AOL, my role was very visible and life-altering. My job was to double the homepage traffic… but then I asked myself the question,  
“What is the end game, how do I win this?”
"Get more eyeballs, Do a bigger brand deal? Then what?”

I thought my life was fine. I had great friends. I was living in LA making good money. However, what I found is I had been navigating life from masculine energy. I was doing it alone – Not asking for support. Thinking I had to have it all figured out.


So I embarked on a mission to figure out if my talents could be used for the greater good. Could I turn these superpowers into a movement for making the world a better place? This was my Aha moment!

I was relentless in my journey. I learned from so many people, especially MITT (Mastery In Transformational Training), a life-changing leadership training program focusing on EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

Through this program, I found the courage that comes with vulnerability. I had thought vulnerability was weakness, but the life I was living was lonely, transactional. I didn’t trust or lean on others. I didn’t ask for help and I certainly never cried.

This intense, deeply wonderful learning experience has evolved into GODDESS PROCESS™.  I strongly believe in helping guide others to find their purpose in three steps.

1) Identify – Identify what you enjoy, what talents you have, and where those two intersect.
2) Purpose – What really matters to you?
3) Action – Take committed action.    

One of the many life-changing epiphanies I have had in my journey is that I found out I am not alone. Many others have told me they experienced the same separation and loneliness. That what they really desired was to enjoy a great caring, loving relationship – with themselves! AND others.

This is why I created The Goddess Process to support powerful women tapping into their power through vulnerability, through EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. The Goddess Process merges doing and being. Flow and action. And builds trust among women by expressing our unique yet similar experience of being female.

The vision of The Goddess Process is to create a loving, supportive group to lean into and explore new ideas – try them out in the world. And have a safe place to come back to a soft landing while learning new aspects of ourselves. Forever changing how YOU show up in the world.

As I have talked about throughout, I / we are not in this alone. I have many incredible people helping me (and helping you) manifest my vision. People who have been through the Goddess Process and received so much from it, in so many areas of their life, they believe I should ask more than $1,000 for this course.

“For me, the value of the Goddess Process is hard to put a price on. What’s it worth to deal with – and move beyond, problems and self-doubt that has weighed on me for years?” 

I appreciate their input. I really do. But my dream is to share what I have learned with the world. To stand for making the world a better place –– especially for my kindred Goddesses

I want you to have the spiritual self-savvy and strong support you need to become the Goddess you already are.
You know you are so close to that. Throughout the day, you probably have glimpses of it, manifested in the world. 
It’s time to stop having hints and intuitions and flashes of it –– and have it steadily, solidly, dependably in your life.
Have the courage to make that decision now. Put your problems in the rear view mirror.

It’s time to allow yourself to be vulnerable and receive the support of this powerful program.

Click the button and own your future.

It was about REALLY feeling my power as a woman.
I grew up in an Italian family in Raytown, Missouri. Sharing our feelings and dreams was NOT
part of our normal conversations.
For most of my life, I didn’t ask for help.

I was doing it alone.
I was afraid to trust or lean on people.
I couldn’t ask for support.
And of course, I didn’t cry –
vulnerability was for the weak. 
In short…I felt lonely.
I knew I had to do something about it.Something big.

I needed to embrace my Divine Feminine.


Yet, I also personally understand the dulling, energy-draining, sometimes depressing pain of dealing with the same issues over and over again.

AND, I understand what it will take to help you become that unique, powerful Goddess that you
know, deep down, you truly are.

If you’ve been asking yourself, “what’s next?” Here’s the simple answer.
YOU ARE. You are what’s next for you.

When I realized it wasn’t about acting more like a man…


  • Stop settling for less than in relationships
  • Create abundance in every area of life
  • Connect & follow your true heart’s desire
  • Stop being alone and unsupported
  • Let go of wounds and beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Speak your truth in relationship
  • Connect deeper with self-worth
  • Be in the flow of life 
  • Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted
  • Gain empowerment
  • Set boundaries
  • Be open to deeper intimacy
  • Let go of unhealthy connections
  • Set and reach your goals
  • Develop your emotional intelligence


  • Change the trajectory of your life
  • Get you unstuck in Life
  • Stop your suffering (in silence)
  • Help you to "be" rather than "do" all the time
  • Improve relationships
  • Provide clarity in your life
  • Let you take ownership and responsibility of your life

So I STRONGLY encourage you to click the button and own this program NOW! Own the future that is rightfully yours!

Only $999 to finally move past all THAT.  You, best of all, know what THAT is. (Soon to be “was.”)

“For me, the value of the Goddess Process is hard to put a price on. What’s it worth to deal with – and move beyond, problems and self-doubt that has weighed on me for years?”  Sarah Joy Ballinger-Chester

I can’t say for certain how long I can keep Goddess Process at this price. Again, this is not a journey I am making alone any longer. So I could see testing out the opinions of my friends and supporters and raising the price at any time.
After all, just look at what’s in store for you:

I invite you to come join me and other powerful women like yourselves.

DO NOT let another 30 days go by and NOT accomplish those things that you'd like to do because you don't spend time thinking about them. Goddess Process will help you achieve laser-focus on the most important aspects of your life.

Reignite those dreams you’ve been carrying around in your heart for years.

Now is the time to get fired up and take the steps to becoming who you were meant to be. 
So please, not for me, but for YOU. Take a moment to imagine yourself 30 days from now manifesting the powerful feminine Goddess essence that is your birthright!
I STRONGLY encourage you to click the button and own this program NOW! Own the future that is rightfully yours!

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. " - Leo Tolstoy
Imagine yourself where you want to be.

Imagine who you want to be powerfully expressed by the woman you already are.
And take action to bring it steadily, solidly, dependably, into your world.

With Love and Respect and Joy,
Amber J. Lawson


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