Who knew I’d end up here! It was a mix of strategic luck, personality, and committed action.


I grew up in an Italian family in Raytown, Missouri. Sharing our feelings and dreams was not part of our normal conversations. I had a burning in my tummy that ignited my life’s adventure. I knew I was destined for a bigger life and had to get out of that town. I must say I am grateful for my family. I beat to a different drum and they supported all my outrageous notions. I loved to sing, perform and be the center of attention. Mrs. Siddens, my amazing high school music teacher, even named an award after me: The Amber J Lawson Distinguished Performance Award at Raytown South High School. I’ve also been installed in the Raytown´s Hall of Fame.

I went to Second City Chicago after graduating from college at Mizzou with a degree in theatrical performance. This was mainly because my friend had a crush on Steve Carell and we would sneak into the free late-night improv sets to stalk Steve. We dreamed of being on life’s stage, so  I moved out to LA with stars in my eyes to make it no matter what. In Chicago I was introduced to The Landmark Forum´s self-development program and I took it as soon as I moved to LA. This started my journey into possibility. I received insight life is whatever I want it to be…whatever I want to create. That my word (read: integrity) is the only thing we have in this lifetime.

From this awareness, I proclaimed myself a producer and proceeded to create magic out of nothing. I shot a short movie that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.  Shooting a short movie that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. THIS is when I began declaring things I wanted in my life with no evidence and manifesting magical results. I lived my childhood dream of reimagining the National Lampoon Lemmings, running several start-ups, speaking on stages around the world and seeing this beautiful planet on other people´s dime.

During this time we created innovative content, told wild stories, created new technology, business models and distribution. We changed the media business and entertainment landscape forever. I love being at the cutting edge. I took a position at AOL, my role was very visible and life-altering.  My job was to double the homepage traffic, but then I asked myself the question.
“What is the end game? How do I win this?
Get more eyeballs? Do a bigger brand deal? 
Then what?”  
So I went on a journey to figure out if my talents could be used for good if we could turn these superpowers into making the world a better place. This was my AH-HA moment – on the quest to figure out how to use my talents, run a prosperous business and have a positive impact.   

. This has evolved into the foundation of the manifestation courses I now facilitate. I believe in conscious companies and guiding others to find their purpose in three steps.

Identify – Identify what you enjoy, what talents you have and where those two intersect.
Purpose – What matters to you?
Action – Taking committed action.

Through this process I formed Good Amplified, Amplifying the Good of nonprofits through storytelling across social media. My vision is to impact a billion lives across platforms through storytelling. Through our partnerships with Nonprofits, brands and influencers we are half way there! We work with amazing impactful organizations like Make-A-Wish and XPRIZE.

A couple of years ago one of my clients, the executive director of Michelson Found Animal, Aimee Gilbreath introduced me to Mastery In Transformational Training (MITT) an emotional intelligence leadership training program. I have always been about growth but little did I know the journey I was embarking on. I thought my life was fine. I had great friends, I was living in LA and making good money. However, what I found is I had been navigating life from masculine energy. I was doing it alone, not asking for support. Thinking I had to have it all figured out. Through this program, I found the courage of vulnerability.
I had thought vulnerability was weak but the life I was living was lonely, transactional, I didn’t trust or lean on others, I didn’t ask for help and I certainly never released or cried.   
You can imagine I was a pressure cooker ready to pop. Through my journey, I found out I am not alone. Many others are having the same experience of separation and loneliness.
Tired of trying to hold it all together and finding that in the release EVERYTHING is available. This is why I created Goddess Process to support powerful women tapping into their power through vulnerability.     
The feminine is the emotional conscious of the planet. Goddess Process merges the doing and being. Flow and action. Building trust among women by expressing our unique and similar experience of being female. The vision of Goddess Process is empowerment, connection, relief, a group to lean into and explore new ideas. Try these new ideas out in the world and have a safe place to come back to a soft landing while learning new aspects of ourselves.
Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into my story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges I’ve had to overcome?

NO WAY! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. The contrast of life paved my path and showed and continues to show me the way. I have learned to train my brain to manifest the life I desire. I knew in my gut there was something bigger than staying in Raytown, Missouri. That there was a different way. I was curious. When I am curious ANYTHING is possible.

In my journey I have found many people living in the past. Suffering from the past. More specifically in shame of past events. Shame holds us down in life. So many people living from the past instead of creating their future and being present in the present. My path is to show others another way. A life without shame, to release the past and live in the now. Life is NOW!!!

Even with all my growth work I have bumps in the road. I make decisions out of alignment and sometimes it takes me down. I feel burnt out, allowing in negative thoughts or maybe I chose a wrong path.

Luckily I now have some tools.
I ask for support.
I practice my self-care rituals.
I journal.
I move my body and allow my body to inform my mind as opposed to the other way around.

Now when I feel bad I know I am in an emotional growth spurt and I WILL come out on the other side. Emotions are like weather, this storm will pass. Trust there will be sunny skies again.

My vision for the world is PEACE ON EARTH IN OUR LIFETIME. This starts with me. I practice peace everyday (driving down the 405 – LOL) and in the frustrations of life. But as stated it´s a PRACTICE. WE don’t have to be perfect. We get to evolve. I believe women are the emotional conscious of the planet so I am focused on healing women. Having women reclaim our feminine power through the process I created Goddess Process.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Let me tell you about Goddess Process – what should you know?

Goddess Process is a 30-day intensive of women coming together to create clarity and manifest their heart´s desires in four areas of their life. We focus on Self-care, Prosperity, Relationships, and Community. The format is a 30-minute weekday Zoom video call. The call is where growth, expansion and transformation is ignited for you to go out and create your world. In Goddess Process dreams are realized and manifested in 30 days!

The 30-Day intensive only happens a couple times a year so we have a self-guided version launching late September where you can begin your manifestation journey anytime! What do you want in your life? What have you avoided? Life is now! You get to live your Heart´s Desires!

Amber J Lawson lives and works in her manifested beach house in Venice, California with her newly rescued pug furbaby Leo J Tolstoy Lawson. Lawson holds Moon Rituals, Cacao Ceremonies – follow her to share in her journey:

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