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Goddess Process Self-Guided Course

Begin your self guided journey today!

Do you believe it can be in your life in 30 days?  I do! 

Goddess Process is a 30-day, Self-Guided, Intensive of women coming together to create clarity, and manifest their heart’s desires in four areas of their life. We focus on Self-care, Prosperity, Relationships & Community. It is designed to create growth, expansion, and transformation. Goddess Process will ignite you to go out and create, manifest and realize your dreams – in 30 Days.

I can’t say for certain how long I can keep Goddess Process at this low price. Again, this is not a journey I am making alone any longer. So I could see testing out the opinions of my friends and supporters and raising the price at any time.
After all, just look at what’s in store for you:


  • Stop settling for less than in relationships
  • Create abundance in every area of life
  • Connect & follow your true heart’s desire
  • Stop being alone and unsupported
  • Let go of wounds and beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Speak your truth in relationship
  • Connect deeper with self-worth
  • Be in the flow of life 
    Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted
  • Gain empowerment
    Set boundaries
  • Be open to deeper intimacy
  • Let go of unhealthy connections
  • Set and reach your goals
  • Develop your emotional intelligence


  • Change the trajectory of your life
  • Get you unstuck in Life
    Stop your suffering (in silence)
  • Help you to "be" rather than "do" all the time
  • Improve relationships
    Provide clarity in your life
  • Let you take ownership and responsibility of your life

So I STRONGLY encourage you to click the button and own this program NOW! Own the future that is rightfully yours!

Begin your self guided journey today!

Do you believe it can be in your life in 30 days?  I do! 

You are never alone.

I will be by your side each step of the way! 

Today is the day to manifest your heart´s desire.

- Immediate Access

- Create clarity in your vision

- Create new levels of abundance

- Call in a life partner

- Make a difference in the world! 

All this is waiting for you.  Come and get it! 

Amber J

This intense, deeply wonderful learning experience has evolved into GODDESS PROCESS™.  I strongly believe in helping guide others to find their purpose in three steps.

1) Identify – Identify what you enjoy, what talents you have, and where those two intersect.
2) Purpose – What really matters to you?
3) Action – Take committed action.    


All this is waiting for you. Come and get it!

Amber J.