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PICK YOUR PATH.  What calls to you, goddess?  Are you tipping your toe into manifesting your heart´s desire or are you ready to go all-in this time?


How often in life do we start things with the BEST intentions to finish them...

Then LIFE gets in the way.
We mean to do it.  We want to do it.  We need to do it. BUT...  
Yeah, me too!
One of the most important lessons I have been practicing is I DON'T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE!  NO MORE WHITE KNUCKLING.  Holding on for dear life or using "willpower."  I don't always allow myself to be supported—remember it´s a practice—so I practice receiving and being supported.  Think of it as going to the gym—are building a new muscle.  The muscle of receiving support!
THIS IS AN INVITATION for YOU to BE SUPPORTED IN WHAT MATTERS TO YOU MOST.  To living your life vision.  Having what you want in your life.  Would you like that?
Yes, me too! 
That is why I am offering you THIS SUPPORT right now!
You can choose the path that feels right to you...BUT either path you choose you are NEVER ALONE! 
What are the two paths you ask?  Good Question!


Goddess Process is a 30-day, online, self-guided intensive where women choose into manifesting their heart´s desire in a focused, supported, safe way.

Week 1: We are diving deep into our Self-Care Rituals.

Week 2: Prosperity! Who wouldn't  like more money and more abundance in their life?

Week 3 is about Relationships. Not only with your community, your co-workers, your loved ones or your romantic partner – but most of all with yourself.

Week 4: The Final Week is about Community. What is your vision for the world? What is your stand for other beings on this planet? What is that special talent of yours, and only yours, that’s craving to be expressed.

And then, last but not least, we get to CELEBRATE.



30-Day Intensive - ONLY happens a couple times a year so sign up on the waitlist to be notified when the 30-day intensive will open.  There are only 20 spots open for this intensive.  It includes a 30 min group Zoom call - WE have meditation prompts, songs, stretches and coaching LIVE.  You are able to declare what you are calling in in a group environment.  You are supported by a buddy.  You are supported by the collective and you are supported by me.  This is the fastest way to bring all your Heart´s desires into your life.  Get on board!


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