Power Woman's Survival Guide to Thrive during Corona Virus


  • Did you loose your job in the Corona virus Covid-19 and have NO IDEA how you will survive
  • You are trying new things and NOT good at it
  • Home schooling is killing your soul (and sex drive)
  • Has Red Wine become your morning coffee?

Then this is the FREE 6 day course for YOU.  Tools to get your head on straight bringing joy and purpose to this season of uncertainty.



This FREE 6-day course will give you TOOLS for more MONEY, LOVE and clarity in your PURPOSE.

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Find new ways to bring in more money.

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We are a sum of the 5 people we spend the most time.  Are these relationships serving you?

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Are you open to LOVE in this time of quarantine?

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Are you open to new POSSIBILITIES in all areas of your life?

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Connect with your TALENTS 

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Everything happens in communication.  


Don't take just our word...


Goddess Process' REINVENTION in a season of uncertainty gives you tactical tools to have  PROSPERITY, LOVE & PURPOSE

  • This FREE 6 day video course will arrive in your in box each morning. A perfect morning routine to begin your day aligned.  To create consistency and start your day in POSSIBILITY

  • In this series of videos we cover

    • CLARITY - where are you being ambiguous ...  When I am clear my actions are on Purpose.
    • LIMITING BELIEFS Do you have beliefs that no longer serve you?
    • RELEASE what no longer serves you.  Like the seasons are there leafs/ beliefs/ people/ behaviors that no longer serve you. 
    • CREATE A NEW STORY What do you want? 
    • Create new beliefs around money, love and purpose
    • Committed ACTION
    • Make OUTRAGEOUS REQUESTS - the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  Your partner is NOT a mind reader.
    • Be held Accountable & Supported
    • CELEBRATE (even the small wins)
    How much longer will you sit in inaction.  Nothing changes when we sit still.  Are you ready to REINVENT your LIFE goddess???  LIFE IS NOW!!!

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Facilitated by...

Amber J. Lawson

Amber J is a woman of action when Covid-19 hit she sprung into action with her female founding partners to create and launch Comedy Gives Back Laugh Aid raising over $550,000 for the comedy community in a 8 hour live stream featuring Adam Sandler Jimmy Fallon Whitney Cummings and 90 additional comics. 

Amber J has been at the cutting edge of the digital landscape being honored as Cynopsis Women in Digital Entrepreneur of the Year, Top 50 Women in Digital, PGA Top 25 in Digital, and the NATPE Luminary Award digital media maven Amber J. is on a mission to do good at scale as the founder/CEO of Good Amplified (XPRIZE, Make-A-Wish)  www.goodamplified.com Lawson is the co-founder & CEO of The Emmy & Streamy Nominated and IAWTV best live event Winner, Comedy Gives Back, taking care of our own! Check out www.comedygivesback.com  

Amber J is committed to women achieving their goals focusing on career transitions including our unique needs and challenges as powerful business women.  She is a sought after speaker at corporations and events she hosts webinars and an intensive mastermind process to create clarity in your goals, accountability and inspiration around what YOU want to achieve in your life.  


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