Bring Your Wild Woman Spark Full Circle With 


IF this is YOU read on...

Maybe you have found yourself in a place that you consciously or unconsciously




or gender roles/labels

in a place you just can't stomach and you are wanting,



something MORE

If you are ready to explore what change would look like

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Were you the only woman in the board room?

or the only woman on the panel of all men? 

You became one of “the boys".

Working all night on proposals

Flying all around the planet

Speaking at events

Meeting people and

Creating partnerships...

you created this empire (and it’s really really impressive)


for whatever (or all) reason(s) it doesn’t spark the same joy it used to feels like I HAVE  to do it now


if I don't do this then what? 

How will I make money?

How will I maintain my lifestyle?


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Are you ready to give no FU(KS?

  • To Live YOUR life


If that sounds like you then you should read on you have come to the right place because HIIIII

I’m  Amber J Lawson have created a tactical plan to support you in creating the life you love a life on fire in this 3 month process you will gain the tool kit that will allow you to embrace this new passion and purpose and

Step fully in to this next mountain

This next chapter

This next evolution of YOU


Now this isn’t for everyone it takes courage and an investment in yourself so there is a qualifying process to make sure that a you are right for this program and this program is right for you so here is where you start schedule a time with me answer the questions and if there is alignment we will take a deep dive into what is next I promise to bring you value and clarity and inspiration and direction in our time together and then from that point we together Will choose if this is a fit or not

The woman on fire master mind is not for everyone it is a three month master mind for successful women women who have already achieved so much in their life but are looking for what is next the next chapter the next inspiration the next purpose it is a safe container in order to explore one’s absolute authentic passion you will be held accountable to what you say you will also be able to go in word and really hear what matters to you not what society your family or culture or upbringing or guilt tells you


Woman on Fire mastermind. What you will receive:

  • Woman on Fire - Mastermind (a $20,000 value) - so that you can accomplish
    creating your vision!
  • Find Your Purpose Workshop (a $50 value) - so that you can do create
    clarity of what your true purpose.
  • Goddess Process Self Guided (a $1,000 value) - so that you can do the deep
    work of Self Care, Prosperity, Relationships and Community/ Contribution
  • 1 - 1 hour Clarity session with Amber J (a $2000 value)
  • 4 One on One 30 min Coaching sessions with Amber J (a $4000 value)- so
    that you can work through triggers, breakdowns or understanding concepts.

You receive everything in the Woman On Fire Mastermind ABOVE - PLUS all the bonuses below PLUS bonuses not even included here:

  • BONUS: Extra Coaching (an $3,000 value) - One coaching session FREE for
    your business partner, friend or loved one.
  • BONUS: Email & Text Support (a $2,500 value) - response promised within
    24 business hours so that you never have to be disempowered for very long
    and can always be helped back into momentum.
  • BONUS: Women on Fire Goal Tracking Document (a $1,450 value) - so that
    you can see your progress (and what you are avoiding;)

Total Value of Your Coaching Package: $34,000.00

I’m Ready to Live a Life on Fire


You’ve built a career others envy and, outside looking in, you’ve achieved massive success.

You’ve worked hard for the title, the money, and the recognition.

You’re the one people turn to because you make it happen, whatever “it” is.

Your To Do list drives your day, and it’s filled with high-impact tasks (most of the time)


So, why does it feel like something is missing? What happened to the passion that fueled your fire and actually made it enjoyable to stay up all night working on a project or closing a mammoth deal? When did the loss of direction and wondering “what’s next” actually start?


Life is Short.

Life is Now.

There is More – Start Living It.

Tribe Master Leni Hester Says:

"I'm struck by how...despite my life being really good, LOTS better and more fulfilling than ever...I'm not exactly SATISFIED. Hmmm...."
~ Leni Hester, Tribe Member



  • Uncover the “real” you…not who you think you “should” be, or who you were told you need to be 
  • Unlock the golden handcuffs of your current reality and give you the freedom to confidently choose what your next chapter looks like
  • Dispel the myth that even though you’ve worked hard to where you’re at, you won’t be “giving it up”

BOLD and Beautiful Producer Ann Wilmott Says:

 “To me it’s really simple…the big success is that I got my butt in the chair and I turned on Zoom.”
~ Ann Wilmott, Producer on Bold and the Beautiful, talking about working with Amber J Lawson
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Your Guide on this Journey:
Amber J Lawson is a force to be reckoned with in the transformational coaching mindset space. Her decades long experience in Hollywood as a producer, development executive and digital content creator (who has worked with A-listers over the years like Madonna, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Sandler and Wanda Sykes) sharpened her skills as a leader, mentor and evocator. 
Amber J has been at the cutting edge of the digital landscape, honored as Entrepreneur of the Year by Cynopsis Women in Digital, Top 50 Women in Digital, PGA Top 25 in Digital, the NATPE Luminary Award as a Digital Media Maven and most recently as the # 1 Innovator in Comedy in 2020 thanks to her work as CEO of Comedy Gives Back, an organization aimed at helping comedians in crisis with mental health and financial resources.  
Taking purposeful action is a cornerstone of Amber J’s legacy. When the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic hit, she rallied with her female founding partners to create and launch Comedy Gives Back Laugh Aid, raising over $500,000 for the comedy community. The 8-hour live stream  featuring Dave Chapelle, Jimmy Fallon, Whitney Cummings, and 90 additional comics resulted in grants to more than 700 out-of-work comedians. 
As part of Amber J’s mission to do good at scale, she is also the founder and CEO of Good Amplified, a social media consultancy exclusively serving nonprofits such as Make-a-Wish and XPRIZE, to create awareness, impact and revenue in building a better world. 

Now her mission is to build a better world through individualized and group coaching using her Goddess Process, a conscious company offering an experiential learning environment for women to explore their gifts, receive support, have accountability, and be led through pathways to transform work, life, and love. Her clientele run the gamut from Olympic athletes to frontline workers, CEOs, celebrities and busy moms who learn how to live out their purpose with emotional intelligence, love, and abundance. 
With her diverse background and impact, Amber J is a sought-after speaker at corporations and events aimed at elevating the mind and inspiring change. 
Amber J shares her life-by-design with her 8-year-old pug named Leo J Tolstoy Lawson #puglife, and her favorite color is hot pink (obviously!)